About Us

Our GlitterXpert has worked in the paint manufacturing industry with GenCoat for over 26 years and she is the sole creator of GlitGlaze.

GlitGlaze is a water based GLITTER Finishing Paint. The base creates a coating that encapsulates the glitter and prevents it from falling off. 

We have two amazing products: Chic and Glamour!

Check out our product section and submerge yourself with our glitter lifestyle.

The GlitterXpert

Our GlitterXpert is the sole creator of GlitGlaze. She has worked in the paint manufacturing industry for over 26 years. She is also an Interior Designer Graduate.

Her goal is to inspire others by providing positive thinking and spreading the world with glitter to make us all shine!

Follow her glitter journey for a positive lifestyle and to get those great tricks and tips on how to best use our GlitGlaze products for your home...

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